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12/02/2019 · In the wake of President Donald Trump's rally in El Paso, you may be wondering just how many of these campaign-style rallies he's held since moving into the White House. The number adds up to dozens. A check of Wikipedia reveals that he's the first president in recent memory to hold campaign-style rallies on a regular basis, even. Trump loves law enforcement, but not enough to pay them for doing security at his rallies. Donald Trump isn’t entitled to free security at his campaign events. His campaign is separate from the presidency. Trump should be reimbursing the taxpayers for the use of Air Force One to travel to and from the rallies. 28/08/2019 · President Donald Trump accused, without evidence, the media of inflating the size of Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren's rally crowds and ignoring the scale of attendances at his own, despite the numbers routinely featuring in news reports about the.

04/08/2019 · The Twitterverse was quiet. After two days of Democratic debates, President Donald Trump had abstained from blasting his rivals, other than one tweet briefly stating that the people on stage would not, in fact, make America great. It was muted, a rare. 30/06/2017 · A viral cartoon accurately reproduced statements made by Donald Trump on the presidential campaign trail. Donald Trump faced criticism during his successful 2016 presidential campaign based on the aggressive atmospheres of many of his rallies, where tension and intimidation repeatedly spilled over. 11/01/2018 · Donald Trump was accused of breaking the law during his campaign by hiring paid actors to attend his rallies. Although the Federal Election Commission dismissed the charges, a lot of U.S. citizens haven’t. Read evidence that points to the fact that Trump really did hire actors to support him, and other interesting facts about the “tradition. Trump is wearing the red baseball cap, or not. From this distance, he is strangely handsome, well proportioned, puts you in mind of a sea captain: Alan Hale from “Gilligan’s Island,” say, had Hale been slimmer, richer, more self-confident. 14/11/2019 · President Trump tore into Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards at a rally Thursday night, two days ahead of the state's governor's election. The president also wasted little time in unleashing attacks against the Democrats and the impeachment inquiry.

By providing your phone number, you are consenting to receive calls and SMS/MMS messages, including autodialed and automated calls and texts, to that number from each of the participating committees in the Trump Make America Great Again Committee, Donald J. Trump for President Inc. and the Republican National Committee. Msg & data rates may apply. DonaldTrump streams live on Twitch! Check out their videos, sign up to chat, and join their community. 22/07/2019 · Donald Trump’s Rallies Bring Out His Worst Impulses. What Do Democratic Rallies Do? After another antagonistic rally in Greenville, it’s the same as it ever was for the president. But the 2020 hopefuls from the Democrats have struggled to match Trump’s clarity, much less his energy. 03/05/2016 · Donald Trump’s ascent to the top of the Republican presidential candidate heap has been increasingly likened to the rise of Adolf Hitler, as both men have used racist rhetoric and blamed select groups of minorities for many of the country's problems. On. 11/03/2016 · When Kashiya Nwanguma learned that Donald J. Trump would campaign in Louisville, Ky., where she is a student, she walked into a FedEx store and printed two colorful signs she had found online, depicting his head on a pig’s body. Then she steeled herself for.

  1. 19 ore fa · Follow live: President Donald Trump rallies in Battle Creek on day of impeachment vote. Thousands of people lined up outside Kellogg Arena in Battle Creek Wednesday to attend a historic rally with President Donald Trump.
  2. 18/11/2019 · Early in his presidency, one of the few things Donald Trump did well was to selectively use rallies to help other Republicans running for office. Trump seemed careful to only go all-out for candidates who were likely to win, thus doing his best to build a.
  3. List of post-election Donald Trump rallies. Language Watch Edit Redirected from List of post election Donald Trump rallies This is a list of rallies held by Donald Trump after his 2016 election Thank You Tour. Des Moines, IA. December 8, 2016 Baton Rouge, LA. December 9, 2016.

15/03/2017 · President Donald Trump on Wednesday will fly into Nashville to rally thousands of supporters for the second time in his two-month-old presidency. 16/08/2019 · MANCHESTER, NH — President Donald Trump returned to New Hampshire for a reelection rally Thursday, hoping to win support in a state he lost by less than half a percentage point to Hillary Clinton in 2016. Trump began speaking shortly after 7 p.m. to a packed SNHU arena - with thousands of people. The Trump Archive collects TV news shows containing debates, speeches, rallies, and other broadcasts related to Donald Trump, before and during his presidency. The Trump Archive launched in January 2017. Since then, the TV News Archive has added archives for congressional leadership and top Trump. Donald Trump’s campaign has been accused of using coercive tactics to get people to attend his rallies. Twitter users have been sharing photos of a purported letter given to construction workers at a Pennsylvania ethylene cracker plant informing them they would be sent home without pay and they would not receive overtime pay if they did not.

02/12/2019 · Donald Trump's campaign bars Bloomberg News journalists from rallies and events File image of then NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg Source: AAP President Donald Trump's re-election campaign says it will deny credentials to Bloomberg News reporters after the media's owner became a presidential hopeful. 05/09/2019 · When President Donald Trump arrived in small-town Monaca, Pa., recently for an official White House event to promote his administration’s energy goals, he took it as an opportunity to focus on what he loves most: his campaign plans. The president’s preview of his fall campaign message drew on a. 09/04/2018 · But this was a Trump event in spirit: the email advisory from Donald J. Trump for President Inc., his official presidential campaign committee, described it as a “campaign rally” but did not mention Saccone, explaining instead that Trump would “highlight the benefits that his historic tax cuts are providing hard-working families across. 06/11/2018 · In Georgia, on Sunday, when he still had four more rallies to attend before the midterms—in Tennessee that day, and in Ohio, Indiana, and Missouri on Monday—President Donald Trump told a story that summed up much of what he seems to think he is. 05/11/2018 · Why Barack Obama's rallies feel so different from Donald Trump's. President Donald Trump speaks during a rally for Georgia Republican gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp on Nov. 4 in Macon, left, and former President Barack Obama campaigns for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams in Atlanta on Nov. 2. AP; EPA.

US presidential candidate Donald Trump often yells at protesters to "get out" of his rallies and says that he wish he could knock them out. Fellow 2016 US presidential candidates have criticised Mr Trump for allowing a culture of violence around his rallies, but he has not taken responsibility. 07/11/2018 · Donald Trump has used lots of music in his campaign rallies and other events. Many musicians, including the Rolling Stones, Adele, and R.E.M., are not happy about that.

18/11/2019 · Get Jonathan Bernstein’s newsletter every morning in your inbox. Click here to subscribe. Early in his presidency, one of the few things Donald Trump did well was to selectively use rallies to help other Republicans running for office. Trump seemed careful to only go all-out for candidates who. 05/08/2019 · “Donald Trump was right ― all these illegals need to be deported,” one of the men reportedly told police officers. Trump did not even bother to distance himself from them. Instead, he suggested that the men were well-intentioned and had simply gotten carried away.

24/03/2019 · Counties that hosted political rallies with Donald Trump as the headliner in 2016 saw a 226 percent increase in hate crimes over comparable counties that did not host such a rally in subsequent months, a new study finds. 13/06/2019 · Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania concluded that cities hosting Trump rallies during the 2016 presidential campaign on average experienced 2.3 more assaults than they would expect on a typical day — an increase not associated with his opponent Hillary Clinton’s campaign rallies during the same time period. A Donald Trump.

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